Julie Rieman Duck
Author of stories for young adults
Is it really THAT easy to write a book? Slam a few ideas down on paper, send them off, have them published and find yourself the apple of every eye? If this is your goal as a writer, you're missing more than half of the reason you write in the first place. It's in your heart, your soul, your blood. Something you must do every day, even if it's a few sentences. The pain of not putting your ideas down is too much to bear, and like the need for a big glass of water after a long trek through the desert, you must have it.

Welcome to my world!

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When Christian Rusch plucks Beck Ionesco from the freshman ranks for himself, she’s tempted with parties, popularity, and love. But as the free-flowing booze that soaks his world seeps into her own, Beck begins using liquid courage as a way to ignore Christian’s dark moods… and cover her anxiety about his flirtatious friend Hillman.

However, when Christian breaks up with Beck, and Hillman makes a dangerous move, no amount of alcohol can stop the pain or keep her out of trouble. And just when it seems like she’s lost everything, Beck is partnered with Jesse Leary for an art project. After spending time with him, Beck realizes it’s more than a study date… and Christian’s not happy about it. Then again, Beck’s not sure she’s happy with him, either.

But only after plowing through a bottle of wine, a wild fight, and one guardrail that becomes Christian’s last call, does Beck admit to her problem and ask for help from the one whose life secretly parallels her own.

"Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living." - Anais Nin
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